My Simple Luggage Organization System!

If you love luggage organization and want to tidy yours, I wrote in detail below the system that I use to keep all my travel things in their place. This system incorporates my carry-on suitcase and personal item bag! 

I love some good Ole organization and when tick-tock and reels started showing travel bags and packing cubes, I couldn’t just stop in one section. I took it further and made sure every item had a place when I would pack for travel trips.

It took me a couple of adventures to get things right, figure out a system, and see what bags to buy. But I believe I perfected my luggage organization system now. It consists of a total of 6 bags/ pouches/ cases/ cubes to store all of my belongings, plus I have a set of 8 small packing cubes I use for clothing.

This system pairs with my packing list and keeps everything organized and simple. I still have room to be able to buy souvenirs and it makes traveling easier. 

I broke things into sections and labeled them so that reading and understanding it would be easier.

When I created my bucket list and saw how many trips I would be soon taking I knew I had to streamline my packing process and make things not only easier but simpler!

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Here’s My Luggage Organization System!

1. Jewelry Case-

Here I store any extra jewelry I’m not already wearing. It’s tucked nicely in my miscellaneous bag. This is the case I use, I love all the space you can out different types of jewelry.

2. 1st Aid Kit-

I put this 1st aid kit together myself and you can read what’s inside here. But it has everything I would need if I got sick or minorly injured while traveling. I found this bag to be the perfect size for everything I need. Plus there is room for more.

3. Miscellaneous Bag-

In this bag, I store a door lock, ear plugs, an undershirt wallet, a glasses floater, extra glasses, a portable fan, a phone water pouch, clothespins, and a bandana.

4. Toiletries Bag-

I love this bag. It has lots of pockets and a hanging hook. I talk more about it down below since I thought it deserved its own section.

5. Shoe Packing Cube-

This shoe organizer is awesome because it can store up to three pairs of shoes. I always try to pack rugged shoes (for hiking), casual shoes (for walking), sandals (for beach/dressy), and boots (for rain). It even has a small pocket on a luggage slit. I don’t use the slit but store my souvenirs in the pocket, which are an enamel pin and key chain that I buy at every new city I visit.

6. Packing Cubes-

I have enough for 1 outfit each day of the week for a 7-day trip. Plus one cube for jammies and swimsuits. I love preplanning my outfits ahead of time and creating cute looks. So the only hard part is making the entire outfit fit in its cube. Sometimes a sweater is too thick so I just have to lay it separately but no big deal. 

These are the cubes I love and use.

7. Pop-up Hamper-

I love this hamper because it keeps all of our dirty clothes off the floor and in one place while staying in a hotel room. Plus It’s sturdy and folds flat.

8. Travel Towel-

I have these because I’m still on a backpacker budget and have stayed in hostels that charge for towels or don’t provide swim towels for the beach. I don’t want to waste room in my luggage with a bulky towel so these are nice to have.

This section is for the items inside my Toiletries bag. You can use the above photo to see how I laid things out.

9. Dental hygiene-

Toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.

10. Makeup-

I know this section is probably not enough for most people for makeup, but it’s good for me since I don’t really wear much.

11. & 12. Liquids-

I use these two sections for my liquids that I store in a spill-free container. And you can read all the exact items I bring in my packing list here. I talked about it in my packing list post but when I fly, I place my liquids in the clear pouch this bag came with and once I’m settled in the hotel I’ll put them back in the toiletries bag.

13. Products-

This bottom zipper has the rest of my non-liquid products like deodorant, Q-tips, baby powder, and lip balm. Plus a chafe stick I’m trying out.

14. Tools-

For the outside zipper, I have all of my tool-like items ie. comb, hair brush, shower cap, hair ties, mirror, and nail kit.

This last section is for the items that I keep in my duffle bag. I love this one that I got from Amazon because it has so many inside pockets and a slit on the outside that I can put over my rolling luggage. I have the small and it has fit under the seat of every airline I have been on.

15. Purse-

When traveling I like to bring a small purse with me for when I’m not in the hotel room. It could be a cross-body or mini backpack, whatever will keep my hands free but hold my essentials.

16. Electronics Case-

In this case, I hold everything that has to do with electronics which are my power bank, chargers, multi-port charging brick, Bluetooth selfie stick, adapter, and waterproof camera.

17. Water bottle-

I love my stainless steel water and take it on every trip with me.

18. Umbrella-

In case it rains.

19. Headphones-

Noise-canceling for the plane or long car rides.

20. Tablet-

Great for downloading movies to watch on the plane or even while camping with no service.

21. Snacks-

I usually pack some chips, a pack of gum, and some chocolate.

That’s my entire luggage organization system! 

I hope this helps you in planning your trips around the world. What item can’t you travel without? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy exploring!

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This page has affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase at no cost to you.


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