Is The Stratosphere Worth It? Rides, Hotel & SkyPod (2024)

Illuminated tower at night with surrounding city lights.

Is the Stratosphere worth it in Las Vegas? If you’re after adrenaline, sky-high views, and fun times, the Strat is definitely worth a visit. Looking for luxury? Maybe look elsewhere on the Strip. I was able to explore the Skypod, hit the casinos, and dine just outside the hotel, all while my family cozied up on the 19th floor.

I’ve got some firsthand insights for you because I know you don’t want to waste your time and money. I chose the observatory deck over the rides to save some cash myself and was able to explore more of Vegas. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas and considering a stop at the Strat, this post has got you covered.

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The Strat’s Observatory Deck

Kicking off your adventure with a vertical start, The Stratosphere (now named the Strat) takes the cake with its views from the 108th floor. It’s nicknamed the “Top of the World,” for a reason. It claims the title for tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, but does it take the crown for the most jaw-dropping?

That 360-degree view is no joke, showing you everything from the Strip’s bright lights to the desert behind it. I recommend you time your visit around sunset to catch the city as it lights up, transforming before your eyes, and cap it off with a fancy dinner that spins with the sunset. Talk about romance on another level! Just a heads up, the entry fee might make you think twice.

Ticket Price

Consider the cost before you decide to visit. Entry to the tower is priced at approximately $20 on weekdays and $30 on weekends for adults. However, consider whether this leaves you with sufficient funds for a lavish dinner or some time at the roulette table. Additionally, factor in the expenses for the exhilarating rides offered, which we will discuss further on.

Alternative Views

Competition for views like this in Vegas is tough. Whether it’s the High Roller Ferris Wheel at The LINQ ($27) or the Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas ($25), you’ve got plenty of high-up options at different prices. So, what’s it gonna be? Want that literal bird’s-eye view, or are you okay with something a bit lower and more budget-friendly?

I went with the Strat because I wanted to see how the strip compared to downtown. I was pleasantly surprised by how far the views went. You could even see the mountains surrounding the city in the distance.

Grab tickets for the Observatory Deck here!

The Strat Rides

If you like your scenic views with a dash of thrill, The Strat’s SkyPod doesn’t just take you 108 floors up, it launches you, twirls you, and drops you quicker than dice on a craps table. I wasn’t gutsy enough to give it a go, but I cracked up seeing my sister’s pics of her doing it.

Rides Offered

The Big Shot and X-Scream are your go-to for thrills, one launches you up and down and the other back and forth. And then there’s the SkyJump, talk about intense. You get strapped in and leap from 1,149 feet up, zooming down at 40 mph in what feels like a controlled freefall. And yeah, they really do dangle you up there!

Cost vs Thrill

There are so many bucket list things to do in Vegas and like the observation deck, there’s competition out here. Generally, tickets for individual rides range from $31 to $50, or $180 for the SkyJump. If you’re a true thrill-seeker, you’ll want to invest in an unlimited ride pass.

Sure, there are cheaper thrills like sprinting nude down the Strip or staring down the Hoover Dam, but the Strat’s lineup includes some of the tallest and most unique rides out there. They’re exciting and unforgettable. But honestly, how much are you willing to pay for that unforgettable memory?

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The Strat Hotel

Low-angle view of an observation tower against a clear blue sky, with colorful neon signage on a building in the foreground.

The Strat isn’t just about that towering height, it’s a whole hotel experience with over 2,400 rooms spread across three towers, each offering its own take on luxury. But when it comes to guest amenities, how does it hold up against the competition?

The Room Rates

Starting from around $100 a night, The Strat is among Vegas’ most affordable stays. However, this isn’t a luxury resort. While it’s the cheapest way to wake up above the Strip’s chaos, you may find the rooms a tad dated, and a bit worn around the edges. My Las Vegas tip is you check out different websites and see if you can score something lower.

I mentioned in my 1st Time in Vegas Guide to make sure you check for resort fees and The Strat is sitting around $50 a night. While the initial price is low these resort fees can add up quickly. So make sure you read the fine print or call ahead before booking.

Unique Hotel Features

The Strat isn’t just about a place to crash. It offers a rooftop pool, a massive 100,000-square-foot casino, and even a showroom for some iconic Las Vegas performances. When it comes to amenities, The Strat really brings the fun. Just keep in mind, that you get what you pay for.

Guest Services & Experience

The hotel’s service is a mixed bag, some guests rave about the top-notch help they received, while others feel the customer service is as unpredictable as your luck with the slot machines next door. While The Strat might not guarantee a perfect pamper-fest, its lower prices and incredible views make up for it.

Check pricing to stay at the Strat Here!

The Strat Casino

For many, the real magic of a Vegas trip is all in the chips. The Strat’s huge casino has all your favorites, like blackjack, roulette, keno, and loads of slots. But how do their odds stack up against the other big players in town?

The Strat’s casino really serves up that classic Las Vegas vibe, but with a twist of Stratospheric proportions. Picture a huge, open floor lit up with neon lights, where you can’t help but move to the catchy tunes, and cocktail waitresses zigzagging through the crowds. But heads up, during peak times, it can get pretty packed with players, which might take a bit away from the fun.

Gaming Options and Odds

While there are tons of options, some guests speculate that The Strat’s odds aren’t quite as good for players as other places on the Strip, a vibe you’ll also catch on some online gambling forums.

The Strat’s comps program, ace | PLAY™, is fairly standard, offering the usual rewards for repeat visitors. They’ve gotten really into reverse happy hours lately, where you can get some cool rewards for mixing up when you indulge.

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The Strat Restaurants

A major part of any casino’s appeal is what’s served up at the table. The Strat houses a range of dining experiences from the top of The Strat to its base, some of which are incredibly noteworthy.

The Top of the World

Top of the World, a fixture in Las Vegas dining, slowly spins 360 degrees as you dine, providing a constantly changing panorama. The dishes match the view, with a focus on steaks and seafood. It’s opulent, romantic, and renowned, but be prepared for a check as lofty as your seat.

Crafted Buffet

For those without a head for heights or a budget for the flagship, there’s Crafted Buffet, an all-day option that’s wallet-friendly, all-you-can-eat, and as good as a buffet can be. The Strat also offers several other casual dining experiences that cater to most palates and budgets.

Outside The Resort

Just outside The Strat, you’ll find dining options for every taste and budget. Denny’s offers a well-known menu that’s available from morning to night. Famous for its Grand Slam breakfasts and casual atmosphere, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing coffee or a meal any time of day. Conveniently close to The Strat, Denny’s is a go-to for an affordable, hearty meal.

Viva Las Arepas, a short walk from The Strat, is a hidden gem serving Venezuelan arepas with a variety of fillings, from juicy meats to fresh avocado salad. The authentic flavors make it an exciting stop for those wanting to try something new.

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The Strat’s Entertainment

Besides the casino and places to eat, The Strat has all kinds of fun spots. It’s got this cool Adventure Dome right in the middle of the Strip and is always shaking things up with new stuff. Plus, there are killer headline acts. Basically, there’s never a dull moment at The STRAT.

They’ve got magicians, musicians, and comedians, with acts that change up and really pull in the crowds. But, catching a show at The Strat can be hit or miss. You never really know if you’re in for an epic night or something less memorable, and that shaky rep can bump up the ticket prices more than you’d think.

The Strat’s Surroundings and Accessibility

Located at the northern end of the Strip, The Strat can feel a bit isolated from the thick of Vegas action. However, this can work in its favor if you prefer to spend less time in the city’s wall-to-wall crowds, noise, and advertising overload.

Getting There and Around

Transportation options are varied, with the Las Vegas Monorail offering a convenient link to the convention center just a short walk away from other parts of the Strip. The Strat also has its own shuttle for guests, making it more accessible than some might assume.

The Local Neighborhood

The area around The Strat might not have the same glitz as the spots further south, but it’s got its own kind of rough-around-the-edges appeal. If you’re into discovering the Vegas that locals talk about, the cool diners, dive bars, and super affordable thrift shops, then you’ll find The Strat’s neighborhood is pretty much a treasure trove.


How tall is the Strat?

The Strat, formerly known as the Stratosphere Tower, stands at a height of 1,149 feet (350 meters) including its antenna. It is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and the second-tallest in the Western Hemisphere.

Offering panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding mountains, the Strat is a must-visit attraction for anyone looking to experience the city from great heights.

How far is the Strat Hotel from the strip?

The Strat Hotel is located approximately 1.2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, making it a convenient option for those looking to be close to the action but prefer a slightly quieter location.

You can easily access the attractions and entertainment of the Strip within a short distance from the hotel, allowing for a well-balanced Las Vegas experience.

Why is the Strat Hotel so cheap?

The Strat Hotel in Las Vegas is often considered affordable due to a combination of factors. Firstly, its location slightly off the main Strip can contribute to lower prices compared to more central hotels. Additionally, the hotel has a large number of rooms, which allows them to offer competitive rates.

The property has a long history and may not have undergone recent renovations like some of the newer, more expensive hotels. Finally, the casino and amenities at The Strat may not be as upscale as those at other luxury hotels, which can also play a role in its affordability.

Final Thoughts- Is The Stratosphere Worth It?

Now, back to that towering tease. Is The Stratosphere worth it? If you’re after the quintessential Vegas experience and looking for a healthy dose of adrenaline, unique views, and entertainment beyond the gambling tables, then yes, it is.

If you seek the high-end luxury and impeccable service that some of the Strip’s more upscale resorts are famed for, then perhaps not. But maybe the real question is- Is Las Vegas Worth It?

Happy exploring!

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