How To Travel More and Fulfill Your Bucket List! (2024)

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Are you dreaming of seeing the world, but don’t think it’s possible on a tight budget and with a full-time job? You don’t have to give up on your travel dreams! I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to travel more, even when money and time are short.

I should know – I’ve been to over 50 cities around the world, lived in Italy for 90 days, and have consistently managed to squeeze in trips every 2 months while working a full-time job. In fact, my travels have become so frequent that I eventually had to quit my job due to running out of PTO days!

So how did I do it? In this blog post, I’ll share with you the secrets for traveling more without breaking the bank or sacrificing your job. From using PTO smartly and creating a bucket list to changing priorities and going solo, I’ll show you how you can make your travel dreams come true without feeling like life is passing you by. By following some simple steps, you too can experience the joy of exploring new places.

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How Can You Travel More With A Full-Time Job?

1. Search For Different Job Types

Numerous job types can accommodate your passion for travel and let you work remotely. Digital Nomad jobs, such as freelance writing, graphic design, or coding, allow you to work from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.

Travel Nursing is another option, offering assignments in different cities and countries. Jobs in the Aviation or Cruise Line Industry, like flight attendants or cruise ship workers, not only facilitate travel but often include free or discounted travel benefits.

Consulting roles often require significant travel to client sites. A Travel Blogger or Photographer role enables you to make a living while traveling and sharing your experiences. Teaching English Abroad is a popular choice for many travelers, providing an opportunity to live in a foreign country while earning an income.

These are just a few job types that can satisfy your wanderlust, and help you tick off more items on your travel bucket list. Rest assured, even if your job doesn’t inherently involve travel, there are still plenty of ways to satisfy your wanderlust.

By efficiently managing your time while working remotely in another country, leveraging weekends and public holidays, and embracing the philosophy of micro-trips, you can enrich your life with more travel experiences. I will cover these more in the next steps.

2. Make The Most Of Your PTO Days

To truly unlock your travel potential and make the most of your paid time off (PTO) days, consider adopting a strategic approach. By combining your vacation time with weekends or public holidays, you can extend your travel time without taking too many days off work.

For example, imagine taking a Friday and Monday off to create a long weekend getaway. With four consecutive days off, you’ll have ample time to relax, explore, and immerse yourself in a new destination, all while using just two of your precious PTO days.

This clever tactic allows you to maximize your travel experiences and create unforgettable memories without sacrificing too much time away from the office. Another effective strategy is to plan your PTO around observed holidays.

This approach can significantly extend your travel time. For instance, if a holiday falls on a Thursday, you could take off Friday and enjoy a four-day trip. Similarly, holidays that fall on a Monday offer a great opportunity for a long weekend getaway.

This strategy requires a bit of foresight and planning but has the potential to yield long, uninterrupted stretches of travel, allowing for more immersive experiences. I only had 13 days PTO a year still managed to take 5 trips in 1 year. I did this by taking city breaks to places like Las Vegas and Merida, Mexico to see Chichen Itza only using 2 PTO days each and traveling on the weekends.

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3. Change Your Travel Frequency

Opt for several short trips instead of one long vacation. This strategy enables you to explore multiple destinations and keeps the excitement of travel alive throughout the year. Busy professionals who don’t have much PTO at their disposal can still take advantage of regular weekend getaways.

These are often referred to as micro-trips, and the concept is simple, book a short trip away either on your own or with friends to explore somewhere close by. Whether you opt for a relaxing beach escape, venture into nature, or discover an exciting new city, a weekend away can still be just as rewarding.

These trips are ideal for those who want to make better use of their weekends and enjoy a few days away. Like I said before I spent 4 days in Yucatan Mexico and was so glad I did not pass up on the trip because it was only a few days.

4. Start Using Company Holidays

One of the most effective strategies is to take full advantage of your work holidays, these are like extra days of PTO free to you. These valuable days off, when the entire company is closed, can be leveraged to create extended travel experiences.

For instance, in my previous corporate job, we had several holidays throughout the year when the office was shut down, such as New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

By strategically planning your trips around these holidays, you can extend your time off and explore new destinations or immerse yourself in different cultures. So, start planning and make the most of your work holidays to embark on unforgettable travel adventures!

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Tips To Help You Travel More Often!

1. Create A Bucket List

Creating a travel bucket list is a great step in starting your travel journey. Now I know what your thinking. But a bucket list isn’t just a list of a bunch of places you’d love to visit, it is a curated collection of experiences plus destinations that evoke a sense of excitement in you. And make you want to go out there and fulfill your dreams.

By having a detailed list, you’re more likely to stay focused and motivated in achieving your travel goals. Start by jotting down all the places you’ve dreamt of visiting, activities you wish to try, cultures you’re eager to immerse in, and cuisines you desire to taste.

Next, categorize this list based on the feasibility, distance, cost, or any other parameter significant to you. The last step is to give your bucket list a name so that it can be easily referenced in the future. Then, keep revisiting your bucket list and updating it as you accomplish your goals!

This carefully crafted bucket list serves as a roadmap, guiding you on your travel journey and experiencing the diverse and beautiful world around you. If you need help here are 119 destinations worldwide that you can add to your list!

Here Are 119 Destination Ideas To Add To Your Bucket List!

2. Find Out Your Travel Type

Identifying your travel type is another critical step. Understanding what type of traveler you are can help you optimize your travels and have the best possible experiences. Are you an adventure-seeker who thrives on adrenaline-filled experiences, or do you prefer a relaxed beach vacation to unwind and rejuvenate?

Perhaps you’re a cultural traveler who loves exploring local arts, history, and cuisine, or are you a nature lover, eager to explore the great outdoors? Start by reflecting on your past travel experiences. What were the moments that stood out to you and made you feel the most alive?

Once you’ve identified your travel type, you can target your bucket list and travel planning towards experiences that align with your preferences. Keep in mind, that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to traveling, and it’s okay to be a mix of different travel types.

I found that I’m a well-rounded traveler and want a little bit of everything on my travels. I want to hike up a mountain but get a massage after. I want to eat at an expensive restaurant for dinner but try street food for lunch. I love walking around the city all day but need to have a relaxing day on the beach as well.

Knowing your travel style can lead to more satisfying trips, as you are spending time and resources on experiences that genuinely resonate with you. This realization can lead to more frequent travels as you pursue what truly excites and fulfills you.

Find Your Perfect Travel Style Here!

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3. Make A Plan

Once I completed my bucket list of 110 destinations I did a little math. I wanted to know if I was serious, and money was not a big problem, how long would it realistically take me to complete it while NOT traveling full-time? (which is something I’m not interested in)

So I divided the amount of trips on the list by the amount of trips I could take a year. 1st starting with one trip a year. It would obviously take 110 years, not feasible as at the time I was 26! Next with taking two trips a year, I would complete it in 55 years at age 81. It’s possible but with how fast my travel bug comes along, not doable. 

Taking a trip 3 times a year no matter the location is my sweet spot and just so happens to have me completing my list at 65. I know what you’re thinking 65 is a long time away, but keep in mind that this is a minimum and also just a number! Some years life might happen and I might only get to take 1 trip a year but most times life might be great and I’ll get to take 4 or 5 trips a year!

Creating a detailed plan and action guide is a practical strategy, as it provides a clear roadmap to achieving your travel goals efficiently and effectively.

4. Change Your Priorities

Once you have the plan together, you need to find a way to take action on it so you can travel more and start seeing the world. Whether it is finding side hustles or cutting back on expenses, there is always a way. Think about what is most important to you and what matters the most in life right now.

The way I think of it is to compare similar prices of everyday items to travel expenses. Do you need that designer purse or do you want to go on a catamaran cruise excursion? Once your priorities are in check, it becomes much easier to make decisions that will help fulfill your travel dreams.

Be willing to sacrifice a few luxuries for experiences – they will last longer and provide more lasting memories. Harnessing the power of strategic planning and prioritizing experiences over material possessions, you’ll unlock the secret, bringing you one step closer to fulfilling your globetrotting aspirations.

5. Travel Alone More

Traveling alone allows you to control your travel itinerary fully, which can lead to more travel opportunities. You don’t need to wait for others’ approval or adjust to their schedules. Rolling solo means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, without needing to compromise.

This freedom makes last-minute opportunities more feasible, allowing you to take advantage of off-peak travel deals or spontaneous weekend getaways. Remember, when it comes to achieving your travel goals, your biggest advocate is yourself.

Make the decision to prioritize travel, and you’ll find that opportunities to explore are more abundant than you imagined. You can travel more when you’re not dependent on others and start planning your dream vacation!

I created a fun and really cool itinerary template. It’s made to be in brochure form that way you can easily walk around with it or store it in a bag. You can download it for FREE by signing up below!

6. Do Some Travel Hacking

Travel hacking is a great way to save money and travel more. It involves using credit cards strategically to maximize their rewards and benefits in order to travel for free or close to it. By understanding how credit card rewards work and making sure you use them to your benefit, you can easily rack up multiple free trips per year.

When it comes to travel hacking, the United States is one of the best places to be. Credit card companies here offer some of the most competitive travel rewards programs around, and there are a variety of ways that you can use them to get the most out of your travels.

By using these tips and properly leveraging credit cards with rewards programs, anyone can become a travel hacker! Research and planning can help you fly around the world multiple times a year without spending on airfare costs! Keep an eye out for airline promotions or service provider discounts when booking through specific credit cards. These add extra value when traveling with rewards cards!

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How Can I Afford To Travel More?

1. Live More Like A Minimalist

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle is a powerful strategy for unlocking the secret of how to travel more. This approach involves reducing unnecessary expenses and clutter in your life, allowing you to save money that can be channeled toward travel.

Instead of spending money on nonessential items, the minimalist saves and invests in experiences, allowing for more frequent travel. Living with less also reduces the burdens that often tether people to a particular location, such as the upkeep of a large home or an abundance of possessions.

A minimalist’s simplified lifestyle, focused on meaningful experiences over material goods, aligns perfectly with the goal of traveling more. This lifestyle shift not only makes frequent travel financially feasible but also mentally and emotionally rewarding.

I became a practicing Minimalist back around 2016 and at the time I went through a stage that lasted years of constantly getting rid of things. But there comes a time when you just have to stop buying items and bringing things into your life which will break the purging cycle. Remember traveling more often starts from within your own habits and lifestyle choices. Once you’re ready check out my minimalist carry-on packing list to make the most of your long trips!

Here is your Minimalist Packing List for all Vacations!

2. Create A Vacation Budget

Understanding your potential travel budget is crucial. Start with a comprehensive research process to get an idea of how much your desired trip will cost. Use online resources to compare flight prices, accommodation rates, meal costs, and expenses for activities you plan to partake in during your trip.

Websites and apps like CheapOair,, Google Flights, or Viator can be instrumental in this process. Once you’ve gathered this information, create an itemized travel budget. This should include everything from major costs like flights and hotels to smaller expenditures like meals, souvenirs, and local transportation.

Don’t forget to factor in potential incidental or emergency expenses as well. Formulating a detailed travel budget will not only help you understand how much money you’ll need for your trips but also aid you in setting realistic saving goals. It equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, allowing you to prepare financially and mentally for your journey.

Check Out My Resources Page For All My Recommended Travel Tools!

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3. Travel On The Cheap

Mastering the art of cheap travel is a significant step in understanding how to travel more on a budget. Economic travel not only helps stretch your budget but also allows for more frequent trips. Opt for budget airlines, consider alternate accommodations like hostels or homestays, and explore local cuisines at street markets rather than fancy restaurants.

Traveling during the off-season you can find cheap flights and accommodations. Remember, each penny saved contributes to your next adventure. Also, consider earning while traveling. Remote work, freelancing, or even travel blogging can fuel your travel funds.

Thus, learning how to travel more doesn’t necessarily mean extravagant spending it’s about making informed, budget-friendly choices. I found this awesome eBook with 160 tips on how to travel on a budget and that’s worth checking!

Read How To Make and Stick Your Travel Budget Here!

4. Instagram Perception

And lastly, I want to mention Social Media perception. Since I have a travel blog, I use social media like Instagram to document travel as a way to bring in traffic to the blog. By doing this I try to post once a day to expand my reach to new people. The downside of having a full-time job and not traveling as much as others is that I don’t have enough travel content to last me all year.

I need to post one photo or reel a day and make my content stretch as much as I can. This can make it seem like I am always on the go but that’s just how all social media works. You see a part of what someone puts out there. So try not to let the perception of social media get to you and think everyone is living the life you want.

That’s How You Can Travel More And Fulfill Your Bucket List!

Traveling more does not have to be a distant dream. By taking advantage of PTO, creating a bucket list, prioritizing travel, making a plan, and going solo, anyone can make it happen.

My own experiences have proven this; I was able to visit over 50 cities around the world, live in Italy for 90 days, and consistently travel every 2 months while working full-time. With the right approach and some dedication, you too can see the world.

Happy exploring!

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