An Itinerary Template In Brochure Form!

Download this game-changing itinerary template that you can easily travel with! Why is making your travel schedule in an easy-to-store foldable form, not a thing? Well now it is, download the template for free and change how you travel.

I created a fun and really cool itinerary template. It’s made to be in brochure form that way you can easily walk around with it or store it in a bag. You can download it for FREE by signing up below!

With this free Canva template, you can now have your travel schedule on hand and within reach using a foldable brochure method. No more crumbling large sheets of paper or unsightly creases. Make your travels easier by keeping trips organized so you can focus on the adventure.

Add all your trip activities, times, and date to the schedule. Insert your own image for a more custom destination experience. On the back side, you can have all your flight information in one place. No more checking your phone 10 times!

what’s included:

  • Easy-to-understand instructions on how to edit and personalize your new template inside the Canva website.
  • Two pages of the Itinerary Brochure Template, which include a back section where you can add flight and lodging details.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to print the brochure, to insure it comes out right, the first time! Hassle-free.
  • Information on the different ways to fold a brochure to enhance user-friendly versatility.

Examples Of The Itinerary Brochure.

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