43 Best Study Abroad Gifts For Students In 2024!

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Here are the best study abroad gifts for students to make their overseas adventure memorable and comfortable! I spent 90 days studying abroad in Italy and I discovered that there were certain items I simply could not live without.

My name is Kaylee, and I’m here to share my must-haves with you! This list of the 43 best study abroad gifts is compiled from my personal experience and the collective wisdom of the many students I met during my stay.

Whether you’re studying in the cobblestone streets of Florence or the busy city of Tokyo, these gifts are sure to make your adventure both comfortable and unforgettable. So read on and get ready to make your or your loved one’s, study abroad experience truly special.

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Here’s The Best Gifts For Study Abroad Students!

1. Pop-Up Hamper

The Pop-Up Hamper is a perfect addition to any student’s study-abroad essentials. This portable, lightweight, and collapsible laundry bag is a space-saver in cramped dorm rooms and apartments. It’s not just practical, but also stylish – a welcome reminder of home as they navigate their exciting overseas adventure.

2. Jewelry Case

This Jewelry Case is an exquisite gift for students studying abroad. Compact and elegant, it keeps their precious trinkets organized and safe. It’s a sweet reminder of home, making their journey abroad a bit more comforting.

3. Electronic Case

A black suitcase with a cell phone in it.

The Electronic Case is an indispensable study abroad gift. Compact, protective, and organized, it securely stows away gadgets and cables. A lifesaver for tech-savvy students, it prevents tangled cords and scratches on valuable electronics. The electronic case is a practical and thoughtful gift for any student on their global journey.

4. Luggage Shoe Organizer

This Luggage Shoe Organizer is a must-have gift for students studying abroad. It helps keep shoes separate from clean clothes in the luggage, preventing dirt and odors from spreading. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, it’s a brilliant solution to maintaining luggage hygiene during their global adventure.

5. Duffle Bag

This Duffle Bag is a top-tier choice for a study abroad gift. It offers ample storage space, lightweight design, and robust durability, making it an ideal travel companion for students globetrotting for education. This versatile bag caters to their packing needs, making their overseas journey smoother and more organized plus it fits under the seat on budget airlines.

6. Toiletry Bag

Luggage organization with a travel toiletry bag on a bed.

I use this Toiletry Bag and it’s a fantastic study abroad gift. It’s compact, stylish, and durable, providing a convenient way to carry personal care essentials and maintain hygiene routines while traveling. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift that ensures students have their necessities in order, making it one of the best study abroad gifts.

7. Pill Case

A plastic container filled with a lot of pills.

This Pill Case is an extremely practical study abroad gift. Compact and organized, it assists students in maintaining their health routines while overseas. It’s an essential item for students with medication needs or if they get sick, ensuring they never miss a dose even while exploring a new culture and education system.

8. Travel Towel

This Travel Towel is an incredible asset for students studying abroad. Compact, lightweight, and quick-drying, it’s ideal for impromptu beach trips, gym sessions, or hostel stays. Its convenience and utility make it stand out among the best study abroad gifts, enhancing the travel experience while meeting practical needs.

9. Universal Power Adapter

The Universal Power Adapter is an essential study abroad gift, ensuring students can keep their devices charged, no matter where their studies take them. It’s compatible with international outlets, compact for easy travel, and reliable. It definitely marks its spot in this gift guide, promising connectivity and convenience.

10. Tripod-Selfy Stick Combo

An action camera, tripod, and other accessories are laid out on a bed.

The Tripod/Selfie Stick Combo is an ideal study abroad gift. It’s perfect for capturing memorable moments, getting everyone in the shot, and even stabilizing videos. Lightweight and portable, it effortlessly fits in any backpack, ensuring no picture-perfect moment is missed during their study abroad journey. It truly stands out among the best study-abroad gifts.

11. Neck Pillow

When preparing for study abroad you probably start off with a long travel journey to get there. The Neck Pillow is a great study abroad gift, providing comfort during long, tiresome journeys. Soft, portable, and easy to clean, it’s perfect for flights, train rides, or bus trips. It surely deserves a place on the list of gifts, prioritizing rest and relaxation wherever students may travel.

12. Portable Fan

The portable fan is a fantastic study abroad gift, offering a cool breeze in hotter climates or stuffy dorm rooms. Compact and USB-operated, it can be easily placed on a desk or nightstand. Europe has some of the best places to study abroad, but it can also get very hot during the summer months. The portable fan is a must-have item for students looking to beat the heat and stay cool while studying.

13. Water Bottle

The water bottle is an eco-friendly and practical study-abroad gift. Ideal for staying hydrated during long study sessions or adventurous excursions, it’s reusable and durable, reducing waste and saving money. It’s a necessity for any student abroad.

14. Portable Steamer

The Portable Steamer is an exceptional study abroad gift, perfect for maintaining a neat appearance. Compact and easy to use, it’s ideal for quick ironing touch-ups before class or social events. It’s a practical tool that helps students feel confident and put together.

15. Cutlery Kit

The Cutlery Kit is a perfect study abroad gift, promoting sustainable eating habits. Compact, reusable, and easy to clean, it’s ideal for meals on campus, picnics, or travel. It not only reduces single-use plastic waste but also caters to the student’s on-the-go lifestyle.

16. Portable Charger

A phone, charger, and earphones are laying on a bed.

The Portable Charger is a must-have study abroad gift, ensuring students never run out of battery on their devices. Compact and quick to charge, it’s perfect for long study sessions, travel, or emergencies. This gift boosts connectivity and productivity, making it an essential pick among the best study-abroad gifts.

17. H&M Gift Card

One of my study abroad regrets was that I didn’t pack enough and the proper types of clothing that I needed for my trip. A H&M gift card is an excellent study abroad gift, offering a universal solution to fashion needs. Every major city I stopped in had an H&M and I mention them because they offer a variety of styles AND sizing. I was not able to shop at most places because I am a plus size. Having an H&M nearby was comforting.

18. Foot Massager

One of the cons of studying abroad is it’s exhausting walking all day. The Foot Massager is an ultimate relaxation study abroad gift, perfect for unwinding after a long day of exploration or study. Compact, soothing, and easy to use, it provides students with a mini spa experience right in their dorms. Its ability to alleviate stress and promote well-being makes it a standout choice among the best gifts.

19. Fanny Pack

The Fanny Pack is a trendy and practical study abroad gift. With its hands-free design, students can comfortably carry essential items while exploring their new surroundings. Its compact size, yet spacious interior, makes it perfect for travel and daily campus life.

20. Laundry Sheets

Laundry Sheets are a smart and convenient study abroad gift. Light, portable, and mess-free, they turn laundry into an easy task even in unfamiliar environments. Ideal for maintaining clean and fresh clothes, they’re a practical addition if you’re putting together a gift basket.

21. Dryer Balls

Now that I mentioned “gift basket” add some Dryer Balls as well to make for an eco-friendly laundry duo. They’re designed to reduce drying time, save energy, and eliminate static, making the laundry process more efficient. Additionally, their reusability makes them a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice.

22. Hygiene Kit (nail kit, chapstick, nail polish)

A Hygiene Kit, including a nail kit, chapstick, and nail polish, is a compact yet stylish study abroad gift. It allows students to foster a sense of normality and self-care. It’s a considerate and practical pick among the gifts.

23. Laptop Case

A Laptop Case is an essential, protective study abroad gift. Not only does it shield their valuable equipment from damage, but its stylish designs also allow students to express their personality. Being lightweight and portable, it’s a perfect companion for campus life and travel, making it an excellent pick among the best study abroad gifts.

24. Compact Mirror

A Compact Mirror is a handy and thoughtful study abroad gift. It’s small, lightweight, and fits easily in a backpack or purse. It allows students to do quick checks or touch-ups, ensuring they always look their best.

25. Packing Cubes

A black suitcase is open on a white bed.

Packing Cubes are a true game-changer, making them a top-pick gift. These organizers keep luggage neat and items easily accessible, saving students from the chaos of unpacking and repacking. Plus, they can help compress clothes, maximizing space in their suitcase for other travel essentials. I love these slim ones I got from Amazon but the con is they always sell out and take long to restock.

26. Backpack

A hiker on a trail with cactus in the background.

A Backpack is a must-have when studying abroad. Durable, spacious, and stylish, it’s perfect for carrying books, laptops, and personal items. With its comfortable design, it eases the burden of commuting, making it an ideal gift for students studying abroad.

27. Locks

Locks are a significant, safety-conscious choice. They provide students with peace of mind by securing their personal belongings in dorm rooms or hostels. Compact and easy to use, locks are a practical solution for students seeking to protect their valuables while studying abroad.

28. 1st Aid Kit

The DIY 1st aid kit in a black bag on a white bed.

A 1st Aid Kit is a thoughtful inclusion on the list. Providing a quick and efficient solution for minor injuries or health issues, this compact kit is an essential safety tool for students living away from home. It ensures they are prepared for unexpected situations, making it a valuable and practical gift for study abroad students.

29. Luggage Scale

A Luggage Scale is a crucial tool when traveling. It prevents overpacking and helps students avoid unexpected baggage fees at the airport. Compact and easy to use, this tool gives students peace of mind, ensuring they stay within airline luggage limits during their travel adventures.

30. Travel Planner

A Travel Planner is an absolute gem among this list of gifts. It allows students to meticulously plan their trips, ensuring they make the most of their study abroad experience and stick with weekend trip budgets. With space for jotting down important details and memories, it becomes a cherished keepsake of their academic journey.

31. Language Book

A Language Book is an exceptional choice. It aids students in overcoming language barriers, enabling them to interact with locals and enrich their cultural experience. Handy and insightful, this book equips students with essential foreign language skills, enhancing their study abroad journey.

32. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones are a top-tier choice. They provide an immersive audio experience, allowing students to focus on their studies or relax to their favorite music amidst noisy environments. Portable and practical, these headphones offer students a personal oasis of calm in bustling foreign lands.

33. Check-in & Carry On Luggage

A woman posing with her luggage in an airport.

Check-in and Carry On Luggage sets are an unbeatable choice among the best study abroad gifts. They ensure smooth and convenient travel for students by offering ample space for all essentials while abiding by airline guidelines. Sturdy, stylish, and practical, these luggage sets promise to make every student’s journey abroad more relaxed and hassle-free.

34. Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags are a thoughtful choice when gifting to students. These tags not only add a personal touch to a student’s luggage but also ensure their belongings are easily identifiable. Made durable and stylish, luggage tags are a small but significant gift that simplifies travel for every study abroad student.

35. Air Tags (Luggage Tracker)

Air Tags or a Luggage Tracker, are a superior choice among the best study abroad gifts. They allow students to effortlessly track their belongings via Bluetooth, ensuring they never misplace essential items while studying in a foreign land. Compact yet powerful, Air Tags are practical, tech-savvy gifts that bring peace of mind to every student abroad.

36. Ear Plug and Eye Mask Combo

The Ear Plug and Eye Mask Combo is a valuable gift. Perfect for students residing in shared spaces or bustling cities, this kit ensures uninterrupted sleep and relaxation. Compact and easy to carry, it’s a thoughtful gift promising restful nights throughout their adventurous journey.

37. Mini Umbrella

A tip if you are studying abroad in Europe is that it rains unexpectedly. The Mini Umbrella is a must-have as it is compact, lightweight, and durable, it provides reliable protection against unexpected showers. I got mine from Walmart for only 12 USD and it has lasted for 4 years now plus fits in my backpack or purse. (photo below along with my foldable rain jacket)

38. Foldable Rain Jacket

A woman holding an umbrella in front of the colossion.

The Foldable Rain Jacket offers portable protection against unpredictable weather. Lightweight and easily stowed, it ensures students are armed against the elements during their global adventures. This versatile, practical gift is a surefire way to keep any study abroad student dry and comfortable.

39. Reusable Shopping Bag

The Reusable Shopping Bag is a top pick it’s eco-friendly and convenient, perfect for students shopping for groceries or exploring local markets. Lightweight and foldable, it fits easily into a backpack. This useful, sustainable gift truly embodies the spirit of a responsible globe-trotter.

40. Safety Lock Box

The Safety Lock Box is an excellent choice and is designed for students who need a secure place for their valuables, this compact and portable box is perfect for storing passports, cash, and important documents. It provides peace of mind, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for any student living abroad.

41. Travel Journal

The Travel Journal offers students a place to document their experiences, record their thoughts, and sketch the captivating scenes they encounter. Compact and lightweight, this keepsake gift encourages mindfulness and reflection, enriching their study abroad journey.

42. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes designed for endless city explorations, find shoes that provide exceptional support and comfort, minimizing foot fatigue. They’re a must-have for any study abroad student, making their journeys more enjoyable and less tiring.

43. Compact Travel Blanket

The Compact Travel Blanket is a game-changer. With its lightweight design, it provides warmth and comfort during long flights or cozy study sessions. Easy to carry in any backpack, this travel blanket makes a practical and comforting gift, evoking a sense of home away from home.


What is a good gift for a foreign exchange student?

A great gift for a foreign exchange student would be items that are practical and useful during their stay abroad. This can include a reusable shopping bag for sustainability, a safety lock box for storing valuables, a travel journal for capturing memories, and comfortable walking shoes for city explorations. These gifts not only cater to their needs but also enhance their overall study-abroad experience.

What do students do when they study abroad?

There is a bucket list worth of study-abroad activities students do to enrich their overseas experience. They attend classes at their host university, explore the local culture and landmarks, try out regional cuisines, learn the local language, and participate in international events and festivals.

Additionally, they may travel to nearby cities or countries during their free time to broaden their horizons. This combination of academic pursuit, cultural immersion, and travel makes studying abroad a transformative and rewarding experience.

How to pack for study abroad?

When packing for study abroad, start by researching the climate, culture, and norms of your destination. Essential items include clothing suitable for the weather and cultural expectations, toiletries, electronics like your phone and laptop, and any necessary voltage converters or adapters.

Don’t forget your academic materials, important documents like passports and visas, and a medical kit with any necessary prescriptions. I was able to pack everything I needed in a carry-on and kept my check-in bag empty for souvenirs I brought back with me.

Also, consider packing a few comfort items from home and gifts for new friends or host families. Remember to leave some room in your suitcase for purchases made abroad, and check your airline’s luggage restrictions to avoid additional fees.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”


Final Thoughts-

Choosing the best study abroad gifts can make a significant difference in a student’s international journey, offering both practical utility and emotional comfort. So, make your selection thoughtfully, considering the unique interests, needs, and experiences of the student to ensure your gift is cherished and maximally beneficial.

Happy exploring!

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