Welcome, I’m Kaylee Janell

A traveler who’s obsessed with bucket list destinations and the creator of this site. I’m overjoyed you found me!

Kaylee Janell completing her bucket list item of relaxing in Barbados

About Me

I lived in Italy for 90 days studying architecture and loved it so much, gelato is now my only diet. My travel bug didn’t stop there. I’ve hopped around to more than 50 cities all over the globe. 

As a result, I became obsessed with the ultimate must-see destinations worldwide. Today when I’m not spending all my time consuming everything there is to know about the top sites. I’m out there exploring them.

My Expertise

I have a B.S. in Interior Architecture, focusing on the history and details of significant cities and buildings worldwide.

I learned exclusive insights into architectural gems, untold stories, and structures often overlooked by travelers. After years of exploration and study, my expertise drives me to now share my knowledge.

Why Bucket List Travel?

Kaylee Janell completing her bucket list item of going back to Urbino Italy.

You Don’t Need To Be A Full-Time Traveler!

When I made my bucket list it had over 100 items on it and I was 2 months into my 1st job right out of college. 

Two months later I was out of the country checking off my 1st bucket list destination with my husband. 

One year in, and we had checked off five new locations on my list all while still maintaining a full-time job.

I did all this while just having 13 days of paid time off a year and making only $20 USD an hour.

But I made it happen, and you can too!


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Start Planning Your Bucket List!

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The Hills of Italy

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Favorite food

American Cheeseburger

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person at home you miss the most?

My Cat Willy!

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Hot Chocolate, Duh!

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Road Trip To The Grand Canyon

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Itinerary But Sometimes Wing It

Need a bucket list template or want to know how many ultimate destinations you’ve been to? Download the checklist below!