3 Days In Rome Budget Breakdown That’s Actually Affordable!

Planning a budget-friendly trip to Rome? As someone who has visited Rome three times and even lived in Italy, I get it. My 3 days in Rome budget was $1180 for my husband, not including flights. Wondering how much to set aside for your Roman holiday? I break down expenses on flights, hotels, excursions, food, and transport.

Curious if Rome breaks the bank? Let’s chat about budgets, must-spend things to see, and the magic of Rome. Rome is a city full of history, art, and charm that attracts millions of tourists each year. But before you pack your bags and head to the Eternal City, it’s important to consider how much money you’ll need for your trip. This is your budget guide to spending 3 days in Rome!

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Things to note about this budget

  • This budget is for a couple.
  • The total currency added is US dollars
  • The total stay is for 3 days
  • We stayed in a budget hotel

Hotels= $272

We stayed in this Rome Hotel that I found on booking.com. I used their filter tool to take out any hostels or hotels under 3 stars. I also read tons of reviews on each place to make sure I was staying in as good of a place as I could afford. 

The hotel was clean and had AC and heat. Came with towels and nice service. The location was great in the city center and right by the main train station. I paid $272 total and upgraded to a room with a view of the street, instead of the rooftops.

Where To Stay In Rome!

If you are looking for something nicer for your stay these options can provide a cozy feel and unforgettable moments. Here’s where to crash in Rome, no matter your needs.

Best Modern Hostel: A social vibe with a modern design, affordable, and lively experience ideal for solo travelers, friends, and digital nomads. Great communal spaces like a garden, bar, and rooftop. Its central location in Rome makes exploring the city’s beauty easy.

Best Hotel with View: A luxurious stay with breathtaking views of Rome. Located near the Spanish Steps, it’s perfect for those seeking a picturesque stay surrounded by historical landmarks, exquisite eateries, and chic boutiques. Right in the city center.

Best Family Vacation Home: A cozy homey stay with spacious, modern rooms perfect for families or large groups. Known for privacy, comfort, and space, including kitchens for simple meals. Is located close to public transport and major sights.

Transportation= $28

When getting around I use trains every single time. I use Trenitalia to get from city to city. And when in major cities like Rome I used the metro (subway) to get around. In Rome, we bought the 3-day metro pass which cost 28 EU for both of us and got us from the airport to the city center. We also walked when needed. 

Excursions= $242

I was surprised at how many free activities we did in Rome. I had bought everything ahead of time online so I didn’t need to pull out cash or wait in long lines while there. We filled up our itinerary while in Italy and had plenty to do. We only paid for our Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill tour for $126 and Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St Peter’s Basilica tour for $116.

Here is the list of paid activities in US dollars that you might want to do while in Rome. 

  • Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill
  • Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica
  • Catacombs of Rome
  • Cooking Classes
  • Borghese Gallery
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
  • Vespa Tour
  • Italian Wine Tasting
  • Pompeii Day Trip
  • Opera or Classical Music Concerts
  • Trevi Fountain Walking Tour (save $$ and read my Rome DIY Walking Tour here!)

Food and Spending Money= $638

I’ve mentioned before that I prefer to have a set amount of spending “fun money” and food money in cash and in the country’s currency to make it easier to know how much money we have left to play with. And even though most places take cards there are some that do not.

Also if you are not using a travel credit card every time you swipe your card the bank will charge you an exchange rate fee. Plus using a country’s currency is a form of cultural experience that you get to learn. For this reason, I exchange my money at my local bank before my trip. We used $638 for food and shopping in Rome. You can learn to make your own travel budget here!

3 Days In Rome Budget Total!

Hotel =$272

Transportation =$28

Excursions =$242

Food and Spending Money =$638

Total = $1,180

Final Thoughts-

I am very impressed that we stayed on our budget. Mainly because the whole trip we did not feel restricted or like we had to eat nothing but street food. Almost every night we eat dinner at a restaurant. We got each of our family members a gift plus some things for ourselves too. How much would you need for 3 days in Rome? Let me know in the comment below!

Happy exploring!

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